Free Preview Weekend

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CNSNext is excited to bring our customers a FREE PREVIEW WEEKEND of HBO and Cinemax! Watch HBO and Cinemax FREE for five days and see what you’ve been missing. From Thursday, June 17th through Monday, June 21st, you can enjoy addictive series, entertaining movies, family favorites, and more on HBO and Cinemax, from CNSNext! HBO networks are located on channels 600-606. Cinemax networks are located on channels 629-636.

No registration is required to access the free preview weekend. There is no fee to participate in the free preview weekend. The free preview is available to customers in the Basic Plus package and higher.

If you’d like to upgrade your CNSNext cable package to include HBO and Cinemax all the time, give us a call at:

  • Baconton, Camilla, Pelham: 229-336-7856
  • Cairo: 229-307-0332
  • Doerun, Moultrie, Norman Park: 229-985-5400
  • Thomasville: 229-227-7001