Dedicated Telecommunications Solutions

CNSNext boasts redundant network connections to multiple independent major access providers which minimize chances for loss of connection. CNSNext also features direct connections to content providers such as Netflix, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and many more, which serve to decrease latency as well as improve reliability.


VLAN Service

  • Virtual cloud solutions
  • Flexibility for multiple locations
  • Single connection solutions
When your business involves multiple locations, connecting all facilities is important. Through CNSNext VLAN service, a virtual cloud is created that allows you to manage all of your locations through one connection at the bandwidth that is best for your business needs.

Dedicated Transport

  • Scalable and customizeable
  • Exceptional technical support
  • Ethernet circuit connections
  • Linkable solutions for multiple locations
  • Reliable, direct data transport

Whether your business requires a T1 or a Metro Ethernet connection, CNSNext can analyze your usage and give you recommendations for the best method for your telecommunication needs. Our monitoring and remote troubleshooting gives you dependability that is second to none!

Dedicated Internet

  • Big pipe bandwidth
  • Multiple redundant network
  • T1
  • DS3
  • Scalable: 10 mb to 10 gb

Our telecommunications sales staff will work with you to determine how CNSNext can best meet your needs for fast, reliable connections to the Internet at the most cost-effective rate.


CNSNext Web Hosting

  • Variety of packages
  • Multiple email solutions
  • File management and application support
  • Competitive, budget friendly rates
  • $25 setup and domain registration fee

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