CNSNext Improves Infrastructure and Connectivity

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CNSNext Internet customers will soon notice improvements in their online experience, thanks to many system upgrades in both software and infrastructure that have been occurring over the last several months. While these upgrades have caused brief outages for customers, CNSNext staff say that the enhanced online experience will make these minor inconveniences well worth the effort.

“This is an exciting time for CNSNext and our customers,” said Sarah Baggett, Marketing Manager. “Our technicians have been using the last several months to troubleshoot and creatively problem-solve issues that were slowing our network down. This work should make our Internet service more reliable and faster for our customers.”

Baggett said that customers may have noticed brief outages as a result of the upgrades, which are typically scheduled during times when online traffic is slower. “We try to perform this type of work during the early morning hours whenever possible, but some of the work that is being done now could not conform to this schedule,” she said. “More people are working and learning from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so we know that now, more than ever, our Internet service is important to our customers. The work we are performing now will give customers increased network efficiency and a better overall experience.”

CNSNext recently upgraded critical links for customers to the Internet from 10 Gb to 100 Gb. In addition to this upgrade, technicians have also been deploying upgraded modems, ports, and other advanced technology to both customers and within network plants throughout the CNSNext service area. “All of this will allow for greater capacity for our system as a whole,” said Randy Eubanks, Director of Broadband Operations. “While these upgrades may cause temporary inconveniences and service interruptions, they ultimately lead to a stronger, better product that we are proud to offer our customers.”

Eubanks said that earlier this spring, technicians began an initiative that required work in each of CNSNext’s service areas, or nodes. “Unfortunately, this work may sometimes result in a brief outage for that specific area,” he said. “While we understand this is inconvenient, identifying the underlying issues in each node as these upgrades are deployed is critical.” Eubanks said that using a methodical approach in each service area allows CNSNext to address any problem in a specific node that may be slowing down the Internet experience for customers. “Our technicians track down these issues and fix them as they arise in real-time, which – together with our system upgrades - helps improve the speed and overall experience of the network for our customers.”

“CNSNext is dedicated to the communities we serve,” said Baggett. “We are your friends and neighbors and have made a commitment to providing the highest level of service possible to our customers. We appreciate their patience and support as we work to enhance their overall Internet experience.”

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