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CNSNext is taking steps to keep communities connected during the COVID-19 pandemic. “This is an unprecedented time,” said Don Atkinson, Chief Executive Officer of the South Georgia Governmental Services Authority/CNSNext. “We are working hard to provide much-needed Internet access to as many people in our service area as possible. Our goal is to manage and maintain connectivity, as our schools and workplaces look to distance learning and home-working solutions during this uncertain time.”

The health and safety of customers and staff is paramount to CNSNext. In order to limit COVID-19 exposure for all communities, CNSNext staff are unable to enter homes or businesses at this time. “In order to limit exposure to both customers and staff, we’re unable to enter the customer’s home, which has led to some creative problem solving on our part,” said Randy Eubanks, Director of Broadband Operations. “We are actively working with many schools, local businesses, and residential customers on ways to serve them from outside their premises in order to help them through the COVID-19 situation.”

One solution CNSNext has implemented is to manage residential work orders from outside the premises. CNSNext is also working with commercial customers on outdoor WiFi offerings. “This unorthodox approach has allowed us to continue serving customers in a safe and effective manner,” said Eubanks.

CNSNext staff are also supporting the local medical communities and educational institutions to assist with their telecommunications needs. “One way we are assisting in this crisis is to review the bandwidth needs of our medical community and education systems and making adjustments that give these entities the bandwidth they need right now,” said Atkinson. “Being proactive and trying to stay one step ahead of the needs of our customers has allowed us to quickly open connectivity options for the most essential community services during the COVID-19 pandemic. CNSNext is proud to be supporting education solutions such as WiFi hotspots on campuses and increased bandwidths in hospitals and medical facilities.”

Residential customers are also assured of having the bandwidth they need, as their usage changes with many now working from home. “CNSNext does not institute data caps, meaning CNSNext Internet users can utilize unlimited data without fear of throttling or overage charges,” said Atkinson. “Over the last several years, we have worked hard to improve our network and increase our speeds to offer the best service possible. Part of our promise to customers is to not place data caps on our Internet service plans, which allows many of our large industries, small businesses, healthcare providers, students, and others to work remotely without limitations.”

“We understand that the COVID-19 situation is uncertain for many of our customers,” said Atkinson. “We also understand that customers need access to their CNSNext services at this time for both distance learning and working. Our approach during this crisis situation is to work with our customers individually to find solutions to each unique situation. We are asking customers facing hardship to reach out to their local CNSNext so that we can give each person individualized, personal attention.”

With many people staying inside their homes now more than ever, entertainment is also a priority. CNSNext is committed to keeping customers both informed and entertained during this turbulent time. As a result, free previews of many news and entertainment channels are now available to CNSNext television subscribers for a limited time. “Many of our programming partners are providing the unprecedented ability to allow additional access to some of their networks,” said Sarah Baggett, Marketing Manager. “For example, Fox News, CNN, and many others are allowing CNSNext to make their channels available to customers who are not regular subscribers to these networks. This should provide some additional options for both news and entertainment to more video subscribers during this difficult time.”

CNSNext has created a page on its website,, which has information and resources available regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Changes to CNSNext’s operating procedures will be updated here. Subscribers can also find information here outlining available previews available from programming partners.

“CNSNext remains committed to providing the best customer service experience possible in a safe and efficient manner,” said Atkinson. “We are dedicated to creative problem solving and provisioning to offer customers the best connectivity experience possible. We would like to thank our customers for allowing CNSNext to continue serving their telecommunications needs during COVID-19 and beyond.”