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CNSNext has announced a phone service upgrade for all customers. The upgrade is provided at no cost to customers and will provide users with more features and a better overall user experience. “We are thrilled to announce this free phone service upgrade,” said Don Atkinson, CEO of CNSNext. “CNSNext always strives to offer our customers the best in solutions and customer service. This is yet another step we are taking to improve the overall customer experience.”

Beginning in early November, the upgrade process will be completed in batches over several weeks. “We are doing everything in our power to make the upgrade process as smooth and seamless as possible,” said Patrick Little, Technical Services Director. “However, the upgrade process will create some temporary service interruptions. During the upgrade, customers will experience a brief five-minute service outage while they are moved onto the new system. Outside the five-minute window, customers will still be able to make outgoing calls, however, there may be an interruption to receiving incoming calls until the upgrade process is completed.” The entire upgrade migration process is expected to take approximately three hours and individual customer interruptions will be minimal.

There are a few important things to know about the upgrade:

  • If you have voicemail services with CNSNext, voicemail messages will not transfer after the upgrade. This will not affect customer-owned answering machines.
  • For customers who have set up special features, such as call forwarding, etc., these features will need to be reset once the upgrade is completed.
  • Calling feature user guides can be found on the website.

The upgrade will not affect phone packages or pricing, and phone numbers will not change. “The new upgrade will provide customers with a wide variety of easy-to-use calling features,” said Sarah Baggett, Director of Marketing. “We believe that this upgrade will bring an enhanced user experience that our customers deserve. We know that service interruptions are frustrating for any reason, and we appreciate our customers’ patience and understanding as we work to improve your telephone service.”